Progress Takes time

“I accept progress takes time and isn’t LINEAR.”

I am taking time this season for connecting to myself.  Our Geode business goals will be working the MEA plan, as described in this blog.

First, working on the Goede flooring, finalizing our plans for the floor, still a work in progress.  We are making plans for office space and storage along with a wash-room facility is also in the works for this next season.

We will have a consistent schedule available on the website as early as March, 2020.  There will be something for everyone to enjoy this coming Spring.

On a personal level, maybe I will set intentions to focus on:

New savings plan?

New exercise routine?

How can we breakdown our big goals?

There is nothing wrong with setting a big, transformative goal, however, sticking to it daily can be tough. 

Small actual steps are so important.  I like to follow the MEA plan, (Minimum Enjoyable Action).  Very small and simple steps to move towards the goal.  This could help with progress rather than perfection.

Starting point:

So simple that it makes me laugh.  For example, to begin work on the wash-room office facility, I need to make the call to get estimates.  Make the call!  How funny and simple is that!

This plan helps with not feeling overwhelmed or giving up.  Also it’s about being kind to yourself every day, we all have off days!  We might have a weekend where we don’t do anything at all.  That can really throw us off.  Failure is just as important as success is.


Visualize your goal,

What will it look like for feel like to achieve it?

See yourself reaching that win.

What’s a minimal, joyful, action that you could do today that would get you there?  Even if it’s just one little tiny bit?

What’s something you can tell yourself that can keep you motivated?  A mantra for the good days, and for the bad days?

Working out physically connects me with my confidence.  Find yours!

Remember you can always level up your MEA as you work towards your goal.  For example, just starting now from a joy and sustainability is what’s important.

Just repeat this to yourself, “I accept that progress takes time.”