The stone for this week’s class we will be Tiger’s Eye. It has the power to focus the mind and it promotes mental clarity. If you need to “solve” a problem Tiger’s Eye will give you the objectiveness you need without getting caught up in your emotions.

Aimee will guide you through this powerful yoga session. You will get fired up by the flow and absorb the beneficial properties of the crystal in use.

By combining these powerful stones and yoga practice, we are hoping to bring a positive change and clarity to your life.

Tiger’s Eye is the stone to keep around when you find yourself asking questions and trying new things. Which makes this class the perfect one for you if you have been wanting to try yoga or this workshop for a while.

Working with the energy of Tiger’s Eye properties can ground and stabilize you, giving you the power needed to bolster courage and pursue new ventures.

This class on the 14th and the one on the 21st will be the last two sessions of this workshop. Don’t miss your opportunity!!