In a world of advertisement driven, social media acceptance, competition, pirating, and idea stealing, I remind you to sit back in these moments and consult your life in a way that feels more authentic and true.  And while I have experienced people being untruthful with their agendas.  Quizzing me regarding my ideas, all the while pretending to be on my team, I find this to not be so accurate, and it sets me back a bit.  It makes me analyze my circle and it often times makes me feel alone in my journey.  And while the actions of people may “sting” a bit, I have to remind myself that I should be flattered that people are so inspired by my creativity that they want to copy, and why they want to compete, rather than gather and work together.  And while I realize to a degree we all copy without even realizing, maybe, that we’ve all heard or seen something, somewhere, I encourage you to take some time to truly find your why.  What makes you do what you do.  What drives you?  What motivates you to keep going?


So many of my friends and family say “stop giving your secrets away.”  If you know me, I have and always will be an open book.  And I am faced with times of adversity, I have learned to sit in the situation, acknowledge it then take steps forward.  There is nothing wrong with sitting with it for a moment.  The secret is not to stay with it too long.  And while it can be difficult to see ourselves on the other side of a challenge, just imagining it can give a motivating boost to bounce back.  I remind myself of the Phoenix Phenomena, the mystical tale of “Phoenix rising from the ashes.”  Then I’m totally back on track, not allowing actions of other people bring me down.


There is something about being on top of the mountain, on a pedestal that is attractive to some people.  And while you may be on that “pedestal” just remember to bring others up on your pedestal with you.  If you don’t, it could actually be pretty darn lonely up there.