“Self-care is whatever recharges your physical, mental and spiritual battery.”  For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m not punishing myself.  I’m breathing, getting rest and taking good care.

“Nutrients come not only in your food intake, but what you read, what you watch and how you feed our soul. “

Getting a routine and/or structure, like taking a hard stop from work at 5pm, getting nature incorporated into your life daily and paying attention to how you are treating your body and what you feeding it, are just a few self-care items to think about.  Nutrients come not only in your food intake, but what you read, what you watch and how you feed our soul.

“Putting out fires, taking on other people’s issues can all contribute to burnout as well.”

I have been a product of what burnout is -emotional stress response.  The external stressors in order to tell your body to let it relax or let down, like crazy work schedules, for instance.  The importance of daily or nightly routines can keep your adrenals from burnout.  I know this, because my adrenals are at the point of no return.  Putting out fires, taking on other people’s issues can all contribute to burnout as well.  It is important to clear it out!

“Clearing out space for you!”

Some of my favorite ways to self-care is a nighttime bath or shower.  Clearing out space for you to find some relax time is so important.  I wanted to share some other ways I am incorporating self-care into my routine:

  • Celery juicing -liver cleanse, YES it’s hardcore but I can tell a difference in my hair, nails and energy when I do this every morning before coffee. I like to do it for a few months to get results.  Even though for lifetime would be best!  I like alcohol, so this keeps my organs in check.
  • Morning Meditation -15 minutes. I use “Brain FM” app as well as “Headspace.”  If you have difficulty meditating, try one of these to get you started.  I have found so much clarity over the past few months making this a part of my routine, I cannot even tell you!
  • Structure/Routine -without too much discipline, but be intentional.
  • Hard stop for work -this is a downside of doing what we love. Being a one person business owner, this is my biggest challenge.
  • Be present for people -I am the crazy multi-tasker and I believe it has become more of a “new word” pointed out to me recently. When people don’t feel like that have your attention, it can be difficult to make real connection.
  • At 8pm and 9pm I can do my best work. It’s okay to recognize that and honor that.
  • Time for exercise -whether it’s a run, or afternoon yoga or restorative stretching in the evening. I admit, I’m not the “perfect yogi” myself practice could use some polishing.  I am also getting back into lifting, doing kettlebell routine.  Resistance training becomes even more important as we age.
  • Somedays my version of self-care is a simple bath. Mineral salts and relaxing or energizing essential oils are my jam.

“I am giving myself a HUGE break”

I have to refill my cup to avoid illness and burnout.  I have given myself permission to order meal preps.  Not only has this helped me eat healthier and actually EAT!  But, not to stress over shopping and figuring out my meals and time to cook.  I am missing out on all of the meditative aspects of cooking healthy nutritious food, but I am giving myself a HUGE break.

Where can you lighten your load?  How can you preserve your energy for more things that are important to you?  Make space for it!  Make space for yourself, fill your cup.  We all hear this cliché, but adrenal burnout is real!  Once this happens, there is no going back -I am living proof of it, and I was warned.

My favorite wellness MONTHLY practices:

  • massage -no phone, deep tissue, cupping and hot stone. I feel like a new person.
  • hot yoga -get my ass kicked by an amazing power teacher + a shower feels amazing for the rest of my day.
  • facial -but I mostly like facial massage. Hydrating masks are cooling and skin quenching.  I am a jaw clencher too, I wish this massage can go on forever!

Ways I unwind, especially when I am home alone:

  • drybrush before bath time
  • face mask -I prefer green clay
  • body scrub with scrub gloves -I especially like this between my toes!
  • Guasha -a form of getting to the facia, when I have extra time, with hot olive oil especially my jaw line (clenching).

Boring facts about myself -I hate to clean my home.  I have had a cleaning lady ever since my daughter was young, call me spoiled, but the time I have saved to do the things I love have been immeasurable!  But now that I am a “minimalista” and a tiny house goer, it’s so much easier.  More on that later.

“If you haven’t tapped into your creative side, then get in there!”

And I love to be creative -let’s not forget how art can be cleansing for the soul.  If you haven’t tapped into your creative side, then get in there!  I don’t understand when people say they “aren’t creative.”  Nothing can be further from the truth.  We were all given talents, it just means you haven’t tapped in to it.  Reap the rewards!