The Yoga Movement

As we step into the new realm of business operation, I reflect back on what got us here.  And in terms of myself and knowing “why” I entered into this endeavor especially after retiring from a 30-year long career, I go deeper into my passion and what brought me to this place in my life.

Yoga has given me a new way to look at gaining strength and flexibility WITHOUT pain.

Years of back pain from driving all over the State of Ohio as I made my contribution to public service as an information technology specialist, exercise has been an outlet for stress.  Emotional stress and physical stress as well.  Years of weight lifting and interval training has stressed my body in a good way, but in a “not so good” way too.  Yoga has given me a new way to look at gaining strength and flexibility WITHOUT pain.  I love the burn and fatigue I get from weights and I feel like I’ve accomplished something with the lactic acid churning throughout my body.  If you lift weights, you know this feeling of accomplishment.

Coming back to my “Why.”  Why did I take this new huge endeavor on when I should be vacationing and sipping drinks on the beach?  I felt the draw and the need to share my experiences with everyone I knew!  When you hear students say, “just after two of your classes I can tell a difference in my back!”  To hear these words drives my passion, even more, to reach out to more and more people to help them.  So many Americans are on prescribed pain relievers.  It’s truly an epidemic.  I want to reach those people who have succumbed to this as a “final resort.”  I urge those people to give yoga a try, even if it’s just a week to see if there is a difference in the way they feel when they sit, stand, sleep.  I have yet to hear anyone say they felt worse.

Are you an overthinker?  A control freak with an uptight personality?  Do you have anger issues or easily upset?  What if you could learn to pause, not react to things that would normally upset you.  What if you could ease your tension in your body and mind.  Feel better physically and mentally.  What if you become a better human, a better version of yourself.

Give yoga a try.  The proof is in the practice.