I have been drawing on a lot of “blanks” in my motivation and my creativity lately.  Given the current situation, this is no surprise.  We are overridden with fear, anxiety, uncertainty and so on.  Social media and the news feeds don’t help fuel motivation or creativity, it can contribute to these creativity blocks.  A way for me to come back to my creativity is to take a car ride, or while in the shower I may think about something creative or doing a task totally unrelated to what I’m trying to produce.  I pause, and write it in my journal.  I even take dictation notes to myself while driving so I can refer back to them later.

When fears come up, let’s discern how to distinguish what is true and what is not true.  What is happening in your energetic frequency right now?

These mental blanks can even “hi-jack” you.  When fears come up, let’s discern how to distinguish what is true and what is not true.  What is happening in your energetic frequency right now?  There has to be a shift in your vibrational frequency for things to change.  It has to happen on the inside.  Energy is this constant state of transmission and transmutation.

“Trees are the Lungs of our Planet”

For example, I have been having tightness in my chest and feeling a lot of congestion.  It could be allergy, as I typically get this in the Spring.  Then I change my mindset to a positive mantra for trees for example “trees are the lungs of our planet” shifts my mindset regarding any negativity I may have surrounding my tree allergy.  I am also feeling empathy for the loss of people and actual grief with the energy all over this planet.  Anyone else experiencing these feelings? 

I’ve been tapping into some breathing techniques that help with the throat lock, also known as; Jalandhara Bandha in which works directly with vocal diaphragm to help promote ujjayi, axial extension, and lengthens the cervical spine.  I continue to expand on some standing deep breathing methods that I also find effective to increase my lung capacity.

I am feeling the need to get some energy flowing and this energy moving and shifting actually works.  We can look at all the aspects of our lives and realize we have the power to shift energy and change.  Join me in working on bringing energy to the base of the spine into the heart with some chest breathing helping to bring everything up to the heart.  Deep even breathing reduces stress, slows the heart rate, expands our lung capacity and quiets the mind.

In these exercises we are working to strengthen the muscles of breathing.  These are in our chest, back, belly and throat.  As our breathing muscles get stronger our breath gets deeper and more controlled.

Attached you will find the link to two breath exercises.  Make it a ritual to do these daily.  Rituals help during the time of crisis, especially if you are experiencing this alone.

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