I have been working on expanding the capacity of being in what is.  What is in my control, and what is out of my control?  I am learning to empower myself.  I thank God every day that I embarked on this yoga journey.  I feel like my practice has enabled me to “sit in the shit” and navigate through it with a little more ease than I would have otherwise had I not taken this leap into practice.

We are speaking of interconnection, anxiety and fear tools for what it is like to be at home.  How are you navigating being at home?  Are you nurturing or fear driven?  Are your needs continually being postponed while you tend to other needs?  We can offer a 5 to 10 minute remedy to empower your internal leadership.  This will help you be better for yourself and for your family.  It can also help you regain your internal leadership, become better adaptive in crisis situations.

You will be able to register online and choose what time you would like to take a class, at your leisure.  Our intention is to offer, quick, powerful flow’s, but also ways to slow down and practice meditation so you can find clarity.  An escape from getting caught up in the swirl of events.  I’m not saying you need to try to dismiss what is happening all around, but to learn to sit in the fire of discomfort.  Observe and reflect on how we are responding to things that are of of our control.  This is an opportunity for growth, evolution, and the coming together.

We are here to offer ways to ride the wave.  We invite encouragement, engagement and participation.  It is possible you have never meditated.  This could be a way of you getting in the doorway.  Yoga provides a place to go inward and do the work.  Stay curious of what you are not aware of.  This could be a gateway for you to explore the unknown in the privacy of your own home.  No judgement!

We are all doing the best we can, get in the arena!  Join us now!

“Circumstances doesn’t make the man, it reveals it to himself.”  

~James Allen