Yoga & Crystals | CRYSTAL ALCHEMY

For six weeks we will be hosting Aimee in our beautiful Geode Dome. She will lead a yoga workshop that will circle mainly around the Power of crystals in yoga. We all know how yoga can better your life both physically and mentally, but not everyone is aware of the healing properties that crystals have. By combining these powerful stones and yoga practice, we are hoping to bring a positive change and clarity to your life. Rose Quartz is the crystal that we will be focusing on for the first class. It is known to be the stone of universal [...]

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The Heart Chakra | Introduction To Chakras

Welcome to an introductory series about Chakras. Every week we will be talking about a different Chakra, their meaning and how to heal them. ALL CHAKRAS: Root - Sacral - Solar The heart chakra is positioned directly above the heart. So, slightly to the left at the center of your chest. Motivated by love, your fourth chakrais responsible for moving love throughout your life. This chakraconnects the lower and upper chakras, acting as a bridge between earthly matters and higher aspirations. WHAT ARE CHAKRAS? They are seven centers of spiritual power in the human body. Understanding Chakras is a way [...]

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