I am perplexed by conditions and situations that have come to surface lately.  I am witnessing a lot of change, progression, advancement in the small town I have called home for a large portion of my life. And while I am ecstatic that Chillicothe, is finally embracing much-needed change for not only the economy of the area, but for future generations to come, and while this change has been vast and has been launching in the past 5 to 8 years, I am puzzled by the actions of people.  How contracts are being handled and mishandled.  How undermining, backbiting and misuse of humans and lack of empathy that is taking place for some as a price for others to move ahead and prosper.

While Chillicothe Ohio is about to become one of our World Heritage Sites, mostly in part due to the natives who once occupied this area and what they stood for.  How they respected the land, people and held these privileges as “sacred.”  I ask you as you move through this area in this life, take time to ponder how our forefathers would have forged without disturbance.  The tales of beautiful artwork and deep spirituality and how they were at peace with this beautiful continent and deeply plugged into nature.

As stated in a recent article I read by Susan Patterson, she writes:

“Lesson for all of us”

“Out of His grace and goodness, God has put everything on this earth for our survival.  Historically the Native American people understood, in their own way, that nature was to be tended, to be carefully and lovingly maintained, to be respected and not dominated.  That the natural resources on the earth would continue to produce year after year – to provide the things needed for survival when steps were light and hearts were right.”

As we move onward in the exciting times for this flourishing town, keep this in mind. What legacy do you want to imprint on these visitors?  What impact do you want to have on them as they absorb the history and share with others so that many more people may want to visit?  Let’s raise the vibration of this area.  The earth needs it, our souls need it and frankly, the whole planet needs it!