The phrase “self-care isn’t selfish”

The phrase “self-care isn’t selfish” has been making the rounds on social media.  And although this is very true, it can feel easier said than done.  I have been preaching the importance of self-care for several months now.  I, too, am guilty of waiting until my cup is empty and I have no energy left to think, socialize or even organize, until I know that if I don’t make myself a priority, I will crash.  And that, my friends, isn’t a pretty sight!

“I urge you to make yourself a priority in self-care”

I urge you to make yourself a priority in self-care.  Our friends, family and loved ones rely on it.  As well it helps us to be more present and productive in our everyday lives and even our employers would appreciate our healthy attitude.  After all, it helps you “show up” and be on point.  I realized this recently when I was forgetting some pretty important things and responsibilities that could have been pretty costly for all involved, simply because I was overdoing.  Those of you that know me, know I am the master of overcommitting and overdoing.

There is very little social support when you prioritize yourself.  You may deal with guilt statements from your kids, maybe your partner.  It doesn’t mean you are disregarding those that mean the most to you, and it doesn’t have to be a drastic change to your lifestyle.  Wouldn’t people want a “better version of you?”

Our “sacred team” at Geode Yoga + Fitness are eager to help you incorporate self-care in your weekly and daily routine.  We will give you the tools you will need to find clarity, strength and set reasonable boundaries within yourself to preserve your health and happiness.  It may be in the form of uplifting affirmations to help you feel better and develop a stronger sense of self-worth.  You deserve joy.  You are important.  When you prioritize yourself your light shines onto others.  You can make time to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

“Prioritizing yourself is essential for your happiness.  You will find yourself resentful and miserable when you prioritize others over yourself repeatedly.” ~Nedra Tawwab