Under-Earning PODCAST


When it comes to money, are you controlled by fear?

Do you underestimate your worth?

Are you ready to go to the next level, but can’t seem to get there?

Underearners talk as if they’re trapped.

Underearners give their power away.

Underearners underestimate their worth.

Underearners crave comfort.

Underearners are self-saboteurs.

Underearners are codependent.

Underearners live in financial chaos.

Underearners are vague about money and success.

Underearners are anti-wealth.

Underearners are controlled by fear.

Did you happen to notice what these ten traits all have in common?  Every one of them is self-imposed.  Every one of them has something to do with ourselves.  Go back and re read and see if any of these are based on choices we made?  Good news, we have the power to change these conditions.

High earners think differently than underearners.  Consequently, they make different choices and produce different results.

To break through your earning barriers, you need to shift your thinking, combining the inner work with the outer work, to arrive at the “aha” moment when you recognize your value.

The number one requirement to overcome underearning and raise self-esteem is the willingness to be uncomfortable.

“The man who tries to please everyone, ends of whittling himself away.” ~ Charles Schwab.

This, however, is what women, in particular, have been doing for generations – paring ourselves down by putting everyone else first.  It’s the way many of us were raised.  To do otherwise feels selfish.  Our unwillingness to respect our needs, to give priority to our dreams, because it feels selfish and wrong, explains why so may continue to underearn.

“Selfish is when you’re not doing what someone else wants you to do.” ~ Marcia Brixey

Excerpts from author Barbara Stanny.