Written the night before my birthday 🙂

As I am a half an hour from my birthday and somewhat awake, I am reflecting on my past year, since my last birthday. Still in the planning phases of the Geode Dome and collecting support staff that would help see this through, I am reminded how my mindset has been the beneficial factor in this entire project. So many indications, symbols, signs, or whatever woo woo things you want to call manifesting, there is no doubt in my last major life changes and events that this cause and affect was present. The practices I have been studying over the course of the past 10 years and what I want to bring to my life have manifested before my very eyes. I could write an entire blog on manifesting and I just might, someday. Something else to put in the “someday file.”

When you are asked to do an interview for a tv station, the feeling of achievement and also nervousness that overcomes a person when they are taken out of their comfort zone is filled with overwhelm and anxiety. How do you rehearse for an interview when they want it to be “authentic” and not prepared?

How can you not have feelings of anxiousness? I again, stepped into my “why.” When you come from a place of why, your true authentic self shines through. No need to practice what to say or rehearse. It flows, just like a yoga practice. The chemical release that happens in yoga practice opens blockages in your physical and mental state. You reach your “soul state” so to speak. And in this state of consciousness, creativity begins to emerge. Everyone has it, it’s just a matter of connecting to it. Anyway, I could write an entire blog on that subject too, “someday.”

I welcomed the opportunity for exposure, not for me, but for my creation. For the creation of the Geode Dome, which IS my why. As this interview reveals, true, authentic me unedited unscripted and unrehearsed. Just as life should be!