Do you practice a sustainable healthy lifestyle?  One that can give you longevity for movement, clarity and a stress-free life?  We work with all people who want to relieve stress, find clarity, live pain free to increase alignment in their energetic body.

Physical fitness has been a part of my whole life. In teenage years, cheerleading, playing tennis (even though I wasn’t great at it) and bike riding was the foundation of how my athletic life persisted into my adult life.  After high school graduation and started college, I joined a “women’s only gym.”  This was so empowering!  It was gritty, sounds of weights and machines clanking, the energy of the women getting after it was so awesome!  I become confident in my lifting and helped me enter into other gyms that were predominately men, but I was ok with that!  I had learned what gym etiquette was about.

I became a “gym rat” most gym goers call it.  In my 40’s I couldn’t get enough!  I spent 5 and 6 days a week in the gym for sometimes 2 and 3 hours.  All evenings were spent meal prepping, muscle recovery and repeat!  Man, do I miss the lactic acid running through my muscles and the fatigue feeling from muscle building and accomplishments of leaning out.

“Gyms and diets became more important than people in my life”

In my 50’s and many relationships later, I came to realize my fitness journey was keeping me SO busy, pounding the fitness pavement SO hard I “lost myself.”  Gyms and diets became more important than people in my life.  Packing food for road trips and avoiding restaurants.  If you learn anything from me, eating restaurant food is 10 times worse than eating so called “bad” foods at home.

When my recoveries from lifting became longer, injuries more frequent, I noticed I was “unbalanced” or not “centered.”  My workout buddy and I used to meet up complaining about a shoulder, hip or knee problem that would inhibit us in some way working out. Or we would say f*** it and do it anyway, making it worse, then we’d complain the next day and days to come.  Boy do I miss that, HA!

“I sought out infrared heat, as I knew the healing qualities”

Present day, I began back to yoga practice to help alleviate back pain from driving so much and heavy weighted squats.  I sought out infrared heat, as I knew the healing qualities of the lamps from a shoulder tear I had years back. I knew nothing about hot yoga until this discovery.  Even though it’s been around since the 1920’s, I remember thinking what a brilliant healing modality!  Interjecting disclaimer here, not a fan of Bikram, nor do I honor his teachings in any way.  My knowledge of Bikram came through teachings of HIS teachers.  If you are interested in knowing more about the lineage I follow, message me and we can chat!

An ‘A’ type personality with so much mind chatter, hard to sleep at night, a ton of job stressors, I began to feel it in my body.  Felt like I had this constant scowl on my face, didn’t know how to relax, always in perpetual motion.  People call me a “wind-up toy” or the “energizer bunny.”  I couldn’t sit down and watch a movie, and didn’t watch TV at all!  This lifestyle of what I now call “avoidance” of sitting in the fire, caught up with me.  Learning what total adrenal fatigue meant my adrenals burned out because I NEVER stopped.  If I took vacation, it was not to relax but to mountain climb, dive, hike, kayak, bike ride or anything that kept me in motion.  I used to say I needed a vacation from my vacation.  While this was fun and thrill seeking, it became less and less sustainable.

Hashimoto Thyroiditis, if you aren’t familiar, your antibodies appear as if you have an infection that your body tries to “fight off” constantly.  It eventually burns out your thyroid, your major hormone gland, and sends all kinds of whacky symptoms to your body in this “fight or flight” reactors.  Once your thyroid burns out, it begins to attack other organs and could eventually be your demise.  Yes, this was my diagnosis.  There was no choice but to dive deeper into sustainable healing and healthy lifestyle.

“Movement in yoga typically is accompanied by a mind system”

Yoga has not only helped me realize the mind, body spirit connection, but it takes me “out of my head.”  My mind chatter is quieter, knee jerk reactions or taking things personally has subsided.  A chemical release comes with movement.  Peeling away another layer, movement is a way of examining mind.  Movement in yoga typically is accompanied by a mind system.  Mobility also creates longevity in the body.  If you have never tried yoga, you wouldn’t typically understand this.  Do you have trouble meditating?  I have found head phones, sound wave therapy and other modalities work with my body type, you know the ones who can’t meditate on their own to save their lives?

Let me break it down for you.  My before yoga and after yoga chart:

Before Yoga/After Yoga

  • Chronic fatigue / Limber
  • Lack of sleep, insomnia / Deep sleep
  • Low energy / Increased energy levels
  • Mind chatter / Concentration/focus increase
  • Hard to relax / Mindfulness
  • Stressed / Deep breather
  • Avoidance / Self-acceptance/self-reflection
  • Filled all of my time / Relaxed
  • Achy muscles/lactic acid / Muscle detoxification
  • Injuries / Mobility
  • Need to control /  Non-attachment
  • Constricted / Patience
  • Muscle strain / Flexibility
  • Greif / Coping tools
  • Self-doubt / Confidence
  • Anxiety / Pause

How I got from before to after:

Nutritional Healing / Seasonal cleansing; Elimination Diet; Temporary vegetarian diet

Hot Power Yoga / Balancing Postures; Muscle/organ detoxification

Sound Wave Therapy / A means of relaxation that works for my busy body type.

Connection to Nature “Forest Bathing” nature is a means to become grounded and helps with clarity of the mind.


Healing from the inside out is a sustainable approach to wellbeing and maintaining a strong and positive immune system.  Let me help you wake up your mind body and spirit by giving you tools to self-sufficiently heal yourself.  Are you waiting for the perfect time to transform?  It will never come.