My thoughts emerging from life at this moment is “panic.”  Uncertainty of times has my head spinning around itself.  To reframe my feelings, I came back to my roots and my studies.  I dive deep into things that are a bit woo woo, but they have offered guidance for me as well as constructive tools to navigate through hardships.

“I’ve had brief moments of laughing my ass off”

I challenged myself to do 30 min of yoga a day for 30 days.  My world is changing around me, I was grieving and navigating trauma, but I kept one promise to myself each day.  Well, I did my daily yoga on and off for around 20 days, the other days were spent drinking some sort of alcohol and watching terrible movies on Netflix.  I’ve had brief moments of laughing my ass off and forgetting about coronavirus in faintest moments, and definitely forgetting about the pressures I put on myself.

Because I have been a seeker all of my life, my “took kit” has helped me to work through traumatic experiences.  But what if you aren’t good at handling these things?  What if you are alone in all of this and your mental state is going to some very dark places?  Do any of you know someone that may be suffering right now?  People all over the world are failing at living their “best quarantine life” that is spewing everywhere on social media.  And if you are an exhausted mother trying to work from home and despite having “more time” can’t seem to focus on reading let alone help a student struggling to find motivation in online learning, then you know what I mean by these triggers on social media.

“What might have been” looks entirely different from our current reality

I encourage you to take a break from the news feeds, put your phone down and pay attention to what you are seeking to fill your time and space with.  Let go of the ideas of “what might have been” and if it’s better or worse than where you are now.  Because “what might have been” looks entirely different from our current reality.  Believe me, I have to remind myself of this daily.  Every day I am focusing on gratitude and making lists.  This seems redundant, and I know you are hearing this a lot, however, there is a lot of truth in what can come from this when you focus on what you already have.  The universe definitely listens and offers back.  My experiences are living proof.

In honor of “Mental Health Awareness Month” and to honor this EVERY month, we at Geode are curating tons of new experiences to bring energetic balance for the mind body and spirit in the most effective ways we know.  Our “Gem Club” of teachers are an array of mental health professionals, nurse practitioners, organic/holistic farmers, and those who take their practice seriously and are amazing at helping others improve.

“Sanctuary is the new luxury” 

Expect a guided meditation walk to the dome, sanitations stations, strict directions of mat placement and other things, not just what is required, but what will make your experience the most comfortable and safest entry and exit to our “sanctuary” in which we are referring to is the new “luxury.”

This is one of my favorite healing sound videos of all times.  I am totally into music and the videography in this session is amazing as well.  Please take time to check it out and you will see what I mean

Positive Energy Cleanse | Healing Tone | Ancient Frequency Music