Changing Perceptions of Spiritual Music

Motivational yoga music is my jam. I have always been inspired and motivated by music and it brings out my creativity in curating playlists my clients love.

I spend countless hours curating playlists for my classes. I’m actually well known for my playlisting and typically at the end of class there is a particular song that stands out in a client’s mind and they want to know who it is. Teacher’s often follow my playlists and I am always willing and happy to share.

“Music helps us to express ourselves in ways we cannot otherwise”

When we are young, our connection to music gives us a way to escape teenage life. Music helps us to express ourselves to communicate in ways we cannot otherwise, especially to our parents and some of our peers. Never underestimate the power of driving while listening to loud music as a way of relieving stress. Seriously, who hears “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and DOESN’T crank up the volume and sing along? An instant mood shifter!

“Music is a way for me to bring myself to a calm state”

Struggling to sit in meditation, music is a way for me to bring myself to a calm state and helps to relieve stress or anxiety and it often increases my positive thinking. Several different resources I use frequently and I have shared them throughout my years of practice.

My style is more of an upbeat hip/hop spiritual music experience.  I dig electronic sounds with sick beats and I am fond of several DJ’s who playlist for yogi’s with this style.  Our paths have crossed and has given me an opportunity to meet several  I am a huge fan of, and we support them any way we can at Geode. Yoga dub is another favorite but I still have the ability to bring the mood to a more meditative state by working with binaural beats.  This gives way bring our clients clarity, an effort to relieve their stressors.

“ ‘Beatboxing Buddhist Monk’ who wants to change the perceptions of spiritual music”

I recently came across this article about a “Beatboxing Buddhist Monk” who wants to change the perceptions of spiritual music. I immediately fell in love with his work as I plan to use his tunes moving forward in making new playlists. I wanted to share this talented young man hoping you get inspired to add these tunes to your playlist, and show in support of what he is doing.

Beatboxing Buddhist Monk

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