Full Harvest Moon was celebrated at the Geode Dome

This past Friday the 13th, Full Harvest Moon was celebrated at the Geode Dome with a connectedness amongst some seasoned yogis and some newbies.  It was great to see friends and it was just as refreshing to welcome newcomers to this practice.  This was hosted on the open deck the night before the dome rising.  It truly was a magical occasion and celebration of what’s to come.

This rare full moon convergence will not occur again until 2049.  We focused on manifesting our desires that can be supported by utilizing the powerful energies of the moon.  We set goals, a desired intention only using positive words of what we wanted.

Moon phases are the natural ebb and flow of nature and our being.  It regulates ocean tides and our bodies are made up of 93% water.  Doesn’t it just seem to be natural?

“We are worthy enough to manifest our desires.”

Thank you all who came to gather in this sacred space.  Looking forward to many more outings as we work towards finalizing things.