We have recently announced on various social media platforms that we will have our first official yoga event on the 20th of October. We highly recommend you mark the event on your calendar because it’s gonna be amazing! 😉

We are so honored to have Dj Taz Rashid as the star of this event. He is known to take yoga classes to a different level by mixing rhythms and beats while guiding your yoga flow through wireless headphones.


The Sound Off Yoga event will be divided into two sessions. One will be a yoga class with Marci Hedderson-Carroll and DJ Taz and the second will be the Sound Off Yoga meditation led by DJ Taz.

Tickets and more information will be available very soon! Keep an eye open on our social media and don’t forget to follow us!

“The best is yet to come” 

Read more about DJ Taz’s class here. Also, read about him here.


Don’t forget to get your tickets for Movement and Mimosa event on the 24th of August! Our last M&M yoga gathering was a success!