For six weeks we will be hosting Aimee in our beautiful Geode Dome. She will lead a yoga workshop that will circle mainly around the Power of crystals in yoga. We all know how yoga can better your life both physically and mentally, but not everyone is aware of the healing properties that crystals have. By combining these powerful stones and yoga practice, we are hoping to bring a positive change and clarity to your life.

Rose Quartz is the crystal that we will be focusing on for the first class. It is known to be the stone of universal love. By wearing a Rose Quarts on you, you will bring love and harmony in every room and space. It is a harmonizer of the body’s energies and its properties will help us remove our emotional wounds.

By practicing meditation and yoga with Rose Quartz, we will awaken heart-centered consciousness and strengthen the heart by improving circulation.

Emotionally, all types of Quartz are pyroelectric, meaning they are able to transform heavy, sorrowful energies into lighter, heart-full energy by reorganizing the structure of the atoms that surround our organs.

The Crystal Alchemy workshop will start on December 3rd, you can book your class here. We will be posting every week before the class the focus crystal. So, don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog and social media for updates!!

Other Dates:

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